Художній керівник ансамблю Зенон Колобич

28 May 2016

Biography of director, artistic leader and main ballet-master of Folk ensemble of the  dance   “Gorytsvit”,   People’s Artist of Ukraine Kolobych Zenon Fedorovych


Kolobych Zenon Fedorovych is artistic leader and main ballet-master of Folk ensemble of the dance “ Gorytsvit”. He was born on the 30 of May 1954 in Lviv. His nationality is ukrainian. Zenon Kolobych finished Cultural-educational college of Lviv( 1972, occupation- leader of dancing group), State medical university of Lviv( 1984, occupation – dentist), National university of choreographic art of Lviv( 2007, occupation- leader of dancing group). While working in “Horytsvit” he got awarded with honorary title “ Honorific worker of culture in Ukrainian SSR” ( 1986), certificate of merit of Presidium of  Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ( 1988), honorary title “ Honorific professor of art of Ukraine”( 1996), order of Special merits of the III degree( 1999) and the most honorary title, which could be given to a person for the great job, “ People’s Artist of Ukraine” ( May 5, 2009). In 2012 he become owner of   the World award of Zenon Kolobych works for 40 years; in the ensemble  “ Gorytsvit” he works  for 37 years. The representative of Ukraine in the International Association of Folklore IGF.

Home address: 79017, K. Levyckoho, 110, Lviv

cell phone number: +38 (067) 390-11-95

Kolobych Zenon Fedorovych began his professional activity being a student of the choreographic department of College of Art  in Lviv. Since 1971 he had worked as a ballet-master of the national ensemble of dance “ Vesna”. Since 1972 to 1974 he was at the military service, where he was a solist of ensemble of song and dance of military area in Prycarpattia. In 1974 he was choreographer of  Ukrainian ensemble of dance “Yunist” headed by the national artist of Ukraine Myroslav Vantukh. In 1975 Zenon Kolobych had created the ensemble of dance  “ Gorytsvit”. The recognition of ensemble comes with the growing of professional skills and experience of Kolobych as ballet- master and a good manager. In 1982 “ Gorytsvit” got the honorable name   “ National”. Very often ensemble with great dignity had represented choreographic culture in Ukraine and abroad. In 1982 ensemble presents choreographic art of Ukraine in Denmark; in 1983- in Hungary; in 1984-1985- in Poland; in 1986- in Holland; in 1987- in France and Poland; in 1988- in Germany and Poland; 1989- in Germany, France, Switzerland, Korea; in 1990- in Germany, France, USA; 1991- in France, Spain, Belgium and Germany; in 1994- in Belgium, France ,Switzerland; in 1995- in Germany and France; in 1996- in Belgium, Spain, France; in 1997- in Belgium, Spain; in 1998- in Spain and Portugal; in 1999- in Poland; in 2000- in France, Spain, Belgium; in 2001- in Spain, Germany, Canada, USA; in 2002- in Spain; in 2003- in France; in 2004- in Hungary; in 2006- in Holland, Belgium, Spain, France; in 2008- in Hungary and Czechia; in 2009- in Greece and Bulgaria, Romania, in 2010 to Italy, in 2011 in Bulgaria, in 2012 – in Italy and Bulgaria, 2013- Italy, 2014- France, 2015- Italy, 2016- France.

Ensemble become winner of ukrainian and international folk festivals and contests, the award winner of XII and XIII   Universal folk dance  festivals for youth and students in Moscow and Pheniani.


In 1991 ensemble “ Gorytsvit” was awarded with “ Gold Necklace” as the winner of international festival among 44 countries of the world in Dijon ( France). In 1996 ensemble won “ Silver cup” at the festival in Dijon ( France).

In 2006 ensemble become the winner at region contest of choreographic groups honored to Jaroslav Chuperchuk( Lviv). In 2006 ensemble become the winner of II round at the ukrainian contest honored to Pavlo Virskyj( Kiev) and in 2008 become the award winner at I ukrainian contest honored to the hero of Ukraine Myroslav Vantukh. In 2011 ensemble “Gorytsvit” become winner of Ukrainian festival-competition named after Pavlo Virskyj in Kiev, where won first place and become the best dancing group of Ukraine!

Ensemble “Gorytsvit” always performs at different concerts and holidays in Lviv and in Ukraine in general.

Zenon Kolobych and  his conscientious work known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. In 1999-2001 Zenon Kolobych was main ballet-master and producer of holiday concerts and regional reporting concerts in national palace “Ukraine”( Kiev).

Zenon Kolobych is known as famous and very talented teacher and organizer, who taught   a lot of gifted dancers. Choreographic school of Zenon Kolobych consists not only of 80 people of main complement, but also it has 150 children, who attend children’s primary groups. Zenon Kolobych conducted seminars in Ukraine and abroad ( in Rijayna, Toronto, Otava, Monreal           ( Canada 1988, 1990), Nojshtadt ( Germany, 2001)). All dances staged by the leader of ensemble “Gorytsvit” Zenon Kolobych differ with their masterpiece and high professionalism.

National folk ensemble of dance “ Gorytsvit” and its leader  People’s Artist of Ukraine Zenon Kolobych put a lot of effort to present Ukrainian culture  and beauty of its art to different people in Ukraine and all over the world.

So, national ensemble of dance “Gorytsvit” together with its leader People’s Artist of Ukraine Zenon Kolobych is consider to be worthy representatives of ukrainian choreographic art.